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We are a training center established to comprehensively provide skills necessary for conducting research, such as research planning, data collection, data processing, and analysis. SIGNIFICANCE Plan the necessary research for your organization and yourself, and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct independent research and analysis. At the same time, the issues to be considered when commissioning a research work, and skills related to reading and applying research information will be acquired as a result of the training. COURSES "RESEARCHER", a course on general research methodology "Have you studied your customers?" COURSE PARTICIPANTS Anyone who wants to do research and analysis can participate in the training. It includes: Mid-level managers of the organization, Sales and Marketing Managers, Training and research managers, This course is open to anyone interested in research and analysis. COURSE PROCESS Each topic in the training program consists of 3 parts: theory, practice, and verification, which gives the participants the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained from the training directly in practice. From the beginning to the end of the course, students will work on real numbers and examples, perform statistical analysis, and learn how to read and interpret the results. COURSE OUTCOMES Will obtain a general understanding of research and be capable of designing and planning a process. Will discover the basic concepts of sampling, design, and optimal sampling methods and be able to create a sampling distribution. Will gain the knowledge of methodology to tailor survey questions/questionnaire, and understanding of the types and categories of questionnaires, questions, and responses, and you will get the ability to tailor or develop questionnaires unassisted. Will attain the knowledge of data collection methods, techniques, stages, and principles of research. Will acquire the knowledge and be capable of using research and analysis programs (CSPro and SPSS) which are frequently used, and gain the ability to enter data and process results. Will attain the analysis methods for processing the research results and be capable of analyzing and writing reports.
Development Solution NGO, “Small and medium enterprise employment survey”, 2023
The research team of the "SICA" LLC, research and consulting services conducted the research on the "Current State of Employment of Small and Medium-s
“Improving the quality and efficiency of waste collection and transportation management services in selected districts” survey
SCOPE: Suburb households of the Songinokhairkhan and Chingeltei districts of Ulaanbaatar city.    DATA COLLECTION METHOD: Quantitative
Mystery shopping
Name of survey: Mystery shopping Sector: Grocery store Scope: UB city main 6 districts Sample size: 12 branches Time period: 05 April 2023 –
Mid-term evaluation of the Livestock Commercialization Project
SCOPE: 54 soums, 12 provinces, and Ulaanbaatar city, MongoliaDATA COLLECTION METHOD: Sample survey, qualitative research, and secondary researchSAMPLE
Cooperation with University of the Humanities.
A memorandum of cooperation was signed with the University of the Humanities. We will cooperate in the field of internship and part-time empl
Project Closing - 2022
In 2022, We successfully organized the closing ceremony of the projects initiated and commissioned on February 2, 2023. An opportunity to exchange i
Project design guidelines research
SCOPE: Ulaanbaatar city, MongoliaDATA COLLECTION METHOD: Qualitative research and secondary researchSAMPLE SIZE: n=15TIME PERIOD: 2022.10.05 – 2
Public opinion polls
SCOPE: Ulaanbaatar city and 21 provincesDATA COLLECTION METHOD: Quantitative research and qualitative researchSAMPLE SIZE: n=10,516TIME PERIOD: 2022.0
Meeting of the results - 2022
During the meeting, We awarded to the best employees and researchers who have achieved a lot of success and work in 2022. In addition, We gave cash in
Final Evaluation of the Partnership for Organic Agriculture Project 2022
SCOPE: Ulaanbaatar and Selenge Province, MongoliaDATA COLLECTION METHOD: Sample survey and qualitative researchSAMPLE SIZE: n=253TIME PERIOD: 2022.11.