The development of the knowledge industry is important for the long-term sustainable development of a country. In order to make research data available and accessible, and to create applicable knowledge, attitudes, and practices, we initiated and implemented the DATA LITERATE NATION strategy.
- Mongolian Identity Study цуврал судалгаа
- Spirit, Mind, Body сургалт
- Spirit, Mind, Body Index (Эрүүл амьдралын хэв маягийн индекс)
- Судалгаатай Үндэстэн Конференс
- Data Literacy Index (Судалгаатай Үндэстний Индекс)
Within the framework of this strategy, we are implementing the following projects
Datamon platform is a unified research platform for researches done by researchers, scientists, professors, professional organizations and research and consulting services companies. On our website, you can find detailed research reports on social, economic, business and sustainable development goals based on international research methodology, statistics, market and marketing analysis.

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SICA Academy training center

From the training center, you can get a set of courses that will teach you the skills necessary to conduct research, such as research planning, data collection, data processing, and analysis.

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Mongolian Identity research series

Who are we? A series of research projects are being implemented between 2020 and 2030 in order to determine the strengths and weaknesses of our nation. In 2020, "Mongolian Generation Study" and in 2021-2022, "Mongolian Cultural and Behavioral Study" were completed and presented to the public.

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Data Literate Nation Conference

It is a platform where the stakeholders in the knowledge sector will gather to create research-based solutions, share knowledge, and get to know each other to strengthen the cooperation.

We will always be happy for cooperation to implement the Data Literate Nation strategy.