For the 3rd year, TsoilogsoZ (YOUTH COMMUNITY) organized a YOUTH CONFERENCE 2023 : COMPASS OF OPPORTUNITIES with the participation of more than 3000 young people. At this conference, We presented recommendations to young people on how to improve their personal productivity. Our speech based on MONGOLIAN CULTURAL AND BEHAVIORAL STUDY, which is the 2nd study of the MONGOLIAN IDENTITY research series that implemented within the framework of the DATA LITERATE NATION strategy.
2023.11.15 16:12
“Khureltogoot-2023” Scientific Conference was held on 11 November, 2023. For the last 8 years, SICA LLC has been providing the sponsorship to those placed in the consolation prize. This year the consolation prize is given to Ankhiluun.O, Master’s student of MSUE for the speech presented.
2023.11.13 16:32
SICA’s CEO J. Erdenebileg and Deputy Director G. Erdene are participating in the "Business Opportunities Fair 2023" forum organized by the Asian Development Bank. This forum is organized for organizations which are working with ADB and it is unique as an event that allows collaborate with ADB experts, and other organizations which are cooperating with ADB.
2023.11.08 12:24
The "ESOMAR CONGRESS 2023" which attend approximately 750 research and consultancy companies from 70 countries around the world every year, was organized for 4 days from 10 to 14 September, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. J.Erdenebileg, CEO at SICA LLC participated in the congress to study experience and expand cooperation.
2023.11.08 11:42
WHAT IS MEN-TERNSHIP PROGRAM? SICA's internship program aimed at empowering and developing the students and preparing them as skilled personnel by putting theoretical knowledge into practice. Within the framework of the program, we have signed memorandums with major universities of Mongolia such as National University of Mongolia, Mongolian University of Life Sciences and University of Humanities, and we are successfully continuing our cooperation.
2023.09.15 15:06
We've become an official member of ESOMAR.
What is esomar? ESOMAR has a leading international membership of data analysis and research enterprise. Originally founded in 1947, and it's been over 70 years since 1948 when introduced first research standards, guidance and ethics to members. From 1977, it released standards, guidance and ethics with International chamber of commerce, and from 2016, it has been releasing data analysis standards, guidance and ethics too. Becoming member of ESOMAR allow us to learn international news of data analysis and research without time delay, and keep pace with leading experiences and expand international cooperation.
2023.08.02 07:41
“Sustainable plastic recycling Mongolia” mid-term evaluation report
SCOPE: Ulaanbaatar city, Bulgan Province, Khishig-Undur Soum   DATA COLLECTION METHOD: Quantitative survey, Qualitative survey, Desk review  SAMPLE SIZE: n=315  DURATION: 2023.03.29-2023.06.16  PROJECT OBJECTIVES:   The mid-term evaluation aimed to assess 21 sub-activities within the 4 main objectives that were implemented during the first 3 years of the project. Based on the findings, the evaluation team provided recommendations for further activities.  OUTCOME:   Out of the 21 project sub-activities, 14 are considered “effective”, 4 “achieved some results” and 3 “cannot be evaluated”, because they had not yet begun.   The citizens who took part in the training now have a better understanding of how waste is sorted, particularly how plastic waste is sorted. For instance, 85 percent of the people surveyed said they separate their waste, and 45-68 percent of those people said they “learned from the program organized within the project” how to sort their waste.   According to the survey’s findings, 85.5 percent of participants sort their waste, compared to 14.4 percent who do not. Khishig-Undur soum has 4.4-21.9 percentage points more residents who sort their waste than Ulaanbaatar city and Bulgan province when results are compared by the location.  
2023.07.31 11:16
SICA LLC has been carrying out “Consulting Services to Provide Evaluation and Conclusions on the Implementation.
SICA LLC has been carrying out “Consulting Services to Provide Evaluation and Conclusions on the Implementation of UBCAP and AFUBCAP”. The project has been implementing throughout the two project phases since 2012 with the aim to offer residents of the capital city access to low-emission heating equipment and services. It also seeks to collaborate with development partners to implement medium-term measures for reducing emissions in Ulaanbaatar. As part of the consulting service, we intend to identify in what way the indicators were changed, and field enumerator’s training was successfully organized on 08 June 2023. 
2023.06.14 13:39
Development Solution NGO, “Small and medium enterprise employment survey”, 2023
The research team of the "SICA" LLC, research and consulting services conducted the research on the "Current State of Employment of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" for the second time, within the scope of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded Business Excellence for Sustainability and Transparency (BEST) program implemented by the Development Solutions NGO.  The significance of the research is to identify what role is being executed by SMEs in country’s employment and the current state of employment through conducting qualitative and quantitative surveys which were participated by 1027 entrepreneurs in SME. The SMEs, which were participated in the research, run its operation in Ulaanbaatar city and 12 provinces. The research was prioritized 8 main industries as follows: agriculture, wholesale and retail, manufacture, HoReCa, construction, logistics and warehouse, education, and communication.   The research team would like to express gratitude to the USAID, the Development Solutions NGO, and the SMEs and individuals who provided vital information for our research.  
2023.05.24 16:04