The Happiness Index 2024
Annually, the happiness index is evaluated based on factors such as social support, income, health, freedom, generosity, and absence of corruption. This index reveals as showing how happy the citizens of the country are. In 2024, Finland is in the top of list of the happiness index for seventh year in the row. The index ranks countries between 0 and 10, with a closer to 10 showing happier countries and a closer to 0 indicating less happinness. Here are the top 5 countries: Finland - 7.741 Denmark - 7.583 Iceland - 7.525 Sweden - 7.344 Israel - 7.341 Mongolia ranked the 77th out of 143 countries with 5.696 The war-torn countries of Lebanon and Afghanistan ranked the bottom of the list. Source:
2024.03.26 12:29
"SUDLAACH" a course of general research methodology
The purpose of the "SUDLAACH" course is to understand general knowledge of all wide stages of research, including research methodology, sampling methods, data collection, processing of data and analysis. Who can takes a course: • Managers of the organization • Marketing and sales managers • Training and research managers • Anyone who interested in research and data literacy Course topic: Day 1: General understanding of research Day 2: Sample research methodology Day 3: Questionnaire processing methodology Day 4: Data collection and analysis Day 5: Methodology for analysis and report writing If you take this course, you'll acquire useful research knowledge and skill for you and your organization.  Course period: A course lasts 5 days between 22 to 26 April. Duration of each course: 1 hour 30 minutes Who will teach the course? Directors and business analysts of SICA LLC will share their rich experience of research and analysis Tuition fees: 380'000₮ for each personnel (available for organization discount) Register link: Contact: 80087858, 70126009 SICA Academy fb page,
2024.03.14 17:01
Our employees initiated a donation campaign among the SICA team and handed over the raised money to fundraising campaign for herders which is organized by Mongolian Red Cross Society. Thank you Red Cross for organizing the campaign and hope that Herders will overcome the zud successfully.
2024.03.14 16:31
Appreciated to the contract researchers
We appreciated to the contract researchers who do the data collection the most important part of our company’s daily work, and handed New Year’s gifts. Special awards were given to the 2 best contract researchers who led others with higher performance and quality. Highlight to the best researchers. M.Juudai (the best researcher) is now 70 years old and has been working in SICA since 2021. In 2023, she worked on a total of 14 research projects and received 2,502 researches, becoming the best researcher of the year. Her efforts are indescribable as she aims to improve her skills by taking a computer course in 2024. Next awards were given to the Ts.Enkhjargal. She is known for his professional level of enterprise-based research. She was selected as the best researcher of 2023 for the achievement of completing 20 percent of the sample research of business units with a large sample that we have completed. She also retired. We are so proud of them. Happy New Year to all the researchers.
2024.01.05 15:17
We held our a final meeting of 2023
During the meeting, awards were presented to the best talents, who led team with amicableness and success. Therefore, we were so grateful to the talents for their stable and consistent work and granted them a long-term bonus. We appreciated to the employees who contributing to become a great cause of data literate nation and creating value together. Happy new year to all of you. We wish you health, unity, happiness and success!
2024.01.03 12:23
Asia Pacific Evaluation Association - APEA 's conference named “Future of Evaluation: Leveraging Partnerships for Equitable Development in Asia Pacific” was held during 04-07 of December, 2023 in Manila, Philippines. 192 evaluators from 39 countries gathered at the conference to share good experiences and discuss future trends in monitoring and evaluation. A team of 15 people from Mongolia participated in the conference. Our company participated with a team of 4 people and learned from international experience.
2023.12.19 15:05
For the 3rd year, TsoilogsoZ (YOUTH COMMUNITY) organized a YOUTH CONFERENCE 2023 : COMPASS OF OPPORTUNITIES with the participation of more than 3000 young people. At this conference, We presented recommendations to young people on how to improve their personal productivity. Our speech based on MONGOLIAN CULTURAL AND BEHAVIORAL STUDY, which is the 2nd study of the MONGOLIAN IDENTITY research series that implemented within the framework of the DATA LITERATE NATION strategy.
2023.11.15 16:12
“Khureltogoot-2023” Scientific Conference was held on 11 November, 2023. For the last 8 years, SICA LLC has been providing the sponsorship to those placed in the consolation prize. This year the consolation prize is given to Ankhiluun.O, Master’s student of MSUE for the speech presented.
2023.11.13 16:32
SICA’s CEO J. Erdenebileg and Deputy Director G. Erdene are participating in the "Business Opportunities Fair 2023" forum organized by the Asian Development Bank. This forum is organized for organizations which are working with ADB and it is unique as an event that allows collaborate with ADB experts, and other organizations which are cooperating with ADB.
2023.11.08 12:24